Your Guide to Remote Performance Management

March 31, 2020


The Current State of Work From Home


By now you most likely have your organization’s work from home technology in place and have created a channel for everyone to collaborate and communicate. You’ve set up your designated home office space, implemented a personal routine, and enhanced your virtual interpersonal communication skills.


So what do you do now that the productivity tricks, interpersonal tips, and technologies are established? When should people virtually connect and what should they connect about in order to stay engaged and keep the organization productive while working from home?


Why Virtual Performance Management is So Tough


The challenge with remote work is not figuring out what set of meetings and discussions are required—those are still the same. The difficulty is knowing when and how to have them—especially when you don't have the same interpersonal cues and reminders that are ever present within the office.


As a result, leaders end up feeling disconnected, worried about productivity, and concerned about achieving results. In response, they typically implement stringent rules that reduce employee trust or host meandering meetings just to ask “how's everyone doing and does anyone have questions?” So how can leaders feel confident that their teams are staying accountable, productive, and performing while not micro-managing? How can employees remain connected and engaged while not feeling like they must constantly reach out for direction or new work?



The Solution: A Remote Continuous Performance Management Program


A good remote continuous performance management program centers around six recurring meetings:


  • Goal Setting Meetings: Define and align on goals

  • Team Roundups: Discuss updates and collaborate

  • Quick Connects: Align on action plans are remove obstacles

  • 1:1s: Discuss progress, feedback, and development

  • Town Halls: Provide organizational updates and recognition

  • Performance Reviews: Review progress and discuss opportunities


You'll notice that most, if not all of these meetings, should be conducted regardless of

whether you're working remotely or in the office. The difference when working remotely is both the frequency of these meetings, as well as how they're conducted.


We've created a detailed guide that explains how each one of these meetings should be structured, how they should be conducted, and how frequently they should occur. If you're interested in creating program of proactive, systemic, and intentional meetings to keep your employees engaged and productive, download our full guide here:






The Future of Remote Performance Management


Given the growing need to manage remote organizational performance, many organizations are turning to continuous performance management technologies to help solidify employees' roles and goals, manage performance, and ensure they have the tools they need to stay productive while working from home. These technology solutions allow for a structured way to establish key remote CPM practices and a tangible forum that keep leaders and employees disciplined over time.


Regardless of how your remote CPM program is implemented, organizations that thoughtfully and proactively put these set of meetings in place will position themselves to outperform competition and attract, engage, and retain top talent both when working remotely and together.

About Holistic

Holistic is an employee experience company that makes work meaningful. We help organizations understand their employee experience and connect and improve the areas that are most important to employees. We offer employee experience surveys and diagnostics, consulting services, and a technology solution that focuses on improving four areas of EX proven to help attract, engage, and retain top talent:


  • Purpose & Recognition

  • Roles & Goals

  • Continuous Performance Management

  • Productivity Management


Reach out to us to learn more about setting up a remote CPM program, tracking your program using the Holistic® EX Platform, or to assess the current state of your employee experience.


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