Forbes: 2018 Will Be the Year of Employee Experience

April 18, 2018


There's no debating that awareness of employee experience (EX) is on the rise. In fact, 85% of respondents in a recent Deloitte survey rated the trend of employee experience as "important" or "very important" to their organization. Now more than ever, it is critical that leaders prioritize EX as it has the potential to drive significant business value and competitive advantage in their organizations. Earlier this year, author, speaker, consultant, and Forbes contributor Denise Lee Yohn echoed the importance of EX in her article, 2018 Will Be the Year of Employee Experience


Why EX?
Long pegged as employee engagement, HR, perks, benefits, or any of the other misrepresentations called out by Yohn, EX is beginning to be accurately defined, and more importantly, made a priority in organizations. This newfound focus on EX is not surprising as a favorable EX is proven to drive positive employee engagement, and positive employee engagement is tied to top business performance


Why Now?

With most organizations (a projected 89%, according to Gartner) focusing on customer experience (CX) as a source for competitive advantage, it is time for leaders to identify a new opportunity to drive competitive advantage. Early adopters who jump on the opportunity to improve EX will realize a significant competitive advantage over those who do not. The potential for competitive advantage will prove to be even greater for small to midsize organizations as their size enables them to implement EX improvements much more quickly than their larger, more cumbersome counterparts. 


What Next?

The first and most important step in driving positive change in EX is to gain a foundational understanding of the concept. EX is defined as the comprehensive set of interactions and observations an employee has with an organization. Yohn provides great tangible examples of what EX isn't. To help provide further clarity into what EX is, we are publishing a series of posts in our upcoming EX101 series focused on defining EX, outlining the value of EX, and explaining how to evaluate and drive positive change to EX in organizations. This EX101 series will provide leaders with the knowledge necessary to take the next step in making a positive impact on EX within their organizations. Subscribe to our blog to receive updates when new additions to this series are published.

About Holistic

The Holistic Employee Experience Platform is designed to make work meaningful within organizations. Holistic improves employee experience by focusing on four areas proven to drive an increase in employee engagement and organizational performance. To learn more about the Holistic Employee Experience Platform, visit our website, or reach out for a demo.

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