Make Work Meaningful

The Holistic Employee Experience Platform is a comprehensive employee experience management solution that makes work meaningful. It connects and improves foundational components of employee experience proven to drive employee engagement and organizational performance. 

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience is the comprehensive set of interactions and observations an employee has with an organization. It includes anything from observations an employee makes about their role in the organization, to interactions they have in meetings with their manager about their performance, to observations they make about how their leadership communicates with them on a regular basis. The comprehensiveness of employee experience can be broken down into two categories:

  • Timeline of Experience: The timeline over which an employee experiences an organization, including:

    • Pre-employment

    • Onboarding

    • Employment

    • Departure

    • Post-employment

  • Type of Experience: The types of experiences an employee has with their organization, including:

    • Spiritual experiences

    • Intellectual experiences

    • Emotional experiences

    • Physical experiences

Why Improve Employee Experience?

Employee experience is important because affects employee attitudes and ultimately drives employee engagement. Studies show that organizations with high employee engagement experience numerous organizational benefits over organizations with low employee engagement, including:

  • Higher profits

  • Higher sales

  • Higher productivity

  • Higher customer metrics

  • Lower turnover

How is Employee Experience Improved?

Virtually any area of employee experience can be improved within an organization. The key when improving employee experience is to focus on areas proven to have a positive impact on employee engagement, instead of short-term, ineffective ones. 

  • Short-Term Fixes: Siloed, incomplete solutions like employees perks, engagement surveys, or short-term initiatives or programs, which do not have a lasting impact on employee engagement

  • Long-Term Solutions: Comprehensive, connected improvement of employee experience areas proven to have a lasting impact on employee engagement 

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