Holistic Employee Experience Platform

The Holistic Employee Experience Platform is a comprehensive employee experience management solution that connects and improves components of employee experience proven to increase employee engagement and organizational performance.

Purpose & Recognition

Paint a clear picture of your organization’s purpose, and tie employees to the impact it makes.

  • Purpose Mast: Communicate your organization’s purpose and key strategic priorities 

  • Impact Feed: Provide real-time updates of the impact your employees make

  • Impact Map: Recognize the impact being made across specific locations, projects, or customers in real-time

Roles & Goals

Show each of your employees how their role impacts the bigger picture and empower them to proactively drive your organization toward its goals.

  • Strategy Map: Break your organization’s strategy down into ownable roles within the organization, which connect back to its purpose

  • Pillars/Missions: Empower your employees to proactively create plans to achieve outcomes associated with their roles

Performance Management

Provide real-time continuous feedback to your employees based on their established plans.

  • Pulse: Create a forum for continuous communication between managers and employees with real-time performance feedback

  • Employee Story: Encourage strength-based employee recognition

  • Employee Impact Feed: Recognize your employees for the impact they’re making in real time

Productivity Management

Empower your employees to stay focused on what’s important by tying their day-to-day activities to the bigger picture.

  • Task Hopper:  Help employees define weekly activities that will drive them towards their goals by tying tasks to their established plans

  • Impact Calendar: Assist employees in planning their weeks by assigning tasks to days throughout the week

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